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NHAD run several RAD and ISTD exam sessions per year so that any student who is ready and wishes to, can take the relevant exam. Exams give students a goal to work towards and are a fantastic was of aiding progression by achieving each element of technique however exams are not for compulsory and students can move up without taking them. If students do wish to take exams the information will be emailed to you well in advance. All of the students are fully prepared for each exam in class time and we make the exam day relaxed and enjoyable.

Exam Dates:

Summer Term 2019
RAD Graded Ballet Exams – Sunday 16th June 2019 details to follow
ISTD Modern and Tap Exams – 13th and 14th July 2019 (provisional dates TBC)
RAD and ISTD Vocational Exams – TBC

Autumn Term 2019 and Spring Term 2020 Exam Dates TBC