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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of our most frequently asked questions. If however you cannot find the answer to your query we are always happy to hear from you via our contact us page.

How do I join?

To join NHAD please use the contact page to tell us your child’s name, age, level of experience and what type of classes they would like to try. We will then email you back with suitable class times so that your child can come along to try classes for a couple of weeks, which will be completely free of charge. You must however submit the online registration form before your child attends so that we have any important information before teaching your child.
After your two free trial classes there is no obligation to continue however your child has a place in the class if they wish to join.


What classes are suitable for new starters?

The following classes are all particularly suitable for new starters. There are also lots of classes on our timetable page for those who already have experience. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please message us. The age groups are approximate and students in these classes who have experience may be of a younger age.
5:00 to 5:45 – Grade 2 Modern (Year 3 and 4)
5:45 to 6:30 – Grade 2 Tap (Year 3 and 4 with some experience)
6:30 to 7:15 – Grade 3 Modern (year 5 and 6)
4:30 to 5:15 – Grade 3 Ballet (Year 5)
6:00 to 6:45 – Grade 2 Ballet (Year 4)
4:30 to 5:15 – Junior Jazz (Comercial, Street etc) (Year 3 – 6)
5:45 to 6:30 – Junior Musical Theatre (Year 2 – 7)
6:30 to 7:15 – Senior Musical Theatre (Year 8 -13)
9:00 to 9:30 – Pre Primary Ballet (age 3 – 4 pre school)
9:30 to 10:00Pre Primary Ballet (age 4 – 5 reception)
10:00 to 10:30 – Primary Ballet (year 1 and 2)
10:30 to 11:15 – Primary Modern and Tap (Reception and year 1)
11:15 – 11:45 – Primary Ballet 2 (Year 1 and 2)
11:45 to 12:45 – Grade 1 Modern and Tap (Year 2 and 3)
12:45 to 13:15 – Grade 1 Ballet (Year 3)

What are your Fees?

Fees are:
30 minutes classes £4.35 per class
45 minute classes £6.35 per class
60 minute classes £8.25 per class
Pointe work class £3.00 must be taken with ballet
Stretch and conditioning class £1.00 with 3 other classes
5th subject 10% off
Development – any student who is asked to join in the class above their own for development can do so free of charge. This is dependent on space in this class and whether this is appropriate for the student.


Do I need to give notice?

Yes. 6 weeks notice or six weeks payment in lieu is required to withdraw from any class.


What is your uniform?

We do have a uniform. Please see the dedicated uniform page for all information.
When you try out classes you could wear any comfortable leotard/t-shirt/legging/shorts and bare feet. if you are trying out tap some school shoes are helpful.
New student should not feel rushed to buy uniform in the first few weeks. Your teacher will understand that you are new and this may take a little time to get in place.
Where to buy uniform.
  • Basingstoke has a dedicated dance shop on Church Street called Tu Tu 2 Tango where all uniform can be bought.
  • NHAD tracksuits can be ordered through the school. an email about this will be sent out twice a year.
  • We also have a 2nd hand dance wear page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/472060566187351/
  • Point shoes are purchased from Dancia International Crowthorn or Caversham. you will be emailed when your child is ready, so that you can make an appointment to have your shoes fitted.


Where is the studio?

Please see our Contact us page.


Can I watch classes?

You are welcome to come in to view your childs trial classes however after that please wait in our foyer.
Very young students may need their parents for a little longer and we will endeavour to gradually build their confidence and our relationship with them so that they feel able to come into class independently at some point.
We have watching week for parents to view classes at the end of every term. parents are also invited to watch shows and other performances
Exam coaching and exams are never open for parents to watch.


Do you provide singing lessons?

Many of our students take private singing lessons with the Emily Barham School of Singing
Singing lessons cover anything from pop to musical theatre depending on your preference, and not only improve singing and technique but are also fun and focus on building confidence!
Students also have the option of taking LCM Singing Exams (for which we have a 100% pass rate!)
lessons can be booked by contacting Emily directly on 07525 065353 or by email at: ebschoolofsinging@hotmail.com


Can I do competitions?

Students are asked to take part in competitions once their technique, knowledge of vocabulary, performance skills and ability to pick up choreography have reached the relevant level. Personal motivation and focus in class must also be in place as well as excellent attendance.
In order to take part in competitions students must take ballet, modern and at least one other subject.
We will discuss the time and finances needed for competition work with these parents so that parents can decide if they would like their child to be part of the competition squads.
We give as many students the opportunity as possible and currently have 47 students across the junior, intermediate and senior squads.


How do exams work?

NHAD hold 2 RAD ballet and 2 ISTD modern and tap exam sessions per year so that anyone who wished to take part in exams may do so providing their attendance is good and they are ready.
When it is time for your child to take an exam you will receive and email with all the details.
Exams are a great goal to work towards and really aid improvement but are not compulsory and students can still progress through the levels without taking exams.


Do you have shows?

NHAD holds a bi annual whole school show
NHAD holds a musical theatre show in the interim year
There are other performance opportunities such as demonstrations, ISTD awards and events such as our performances at The Royal Albert Hall etc


Ask Your Questions?

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