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Registration Form

Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to North Hampshire Academy of Dance (NHAD).  As part of the registration process I ask parents/guardians to read, complete and return the following contact form for all new students. It is therefore essential that we have the form completed and returned to us prior to your child’s first trial class.  Please be advised, however, that there is absolutely not obligation for your child to continue with lessons after their two free trial classes.

You will find a lot of information relating to the school on our website www.nhad.dance but if you have any queries please feel free to email me directly, see me at dancing or if you need a longer amount of time to speak to me an appointment can be booked.
I am most happy to be available to talk to parents/students about progress, class needs, body issues, advice on associate courses or professional full time courses, careers etc. it is however up to individuals to book this time with me if they feel they need it. There is no charge for any time needed for discussion.

As you may also know that I am available to:

  • Take photographs for dance application forms.
  • References for dance application forms.
  • Help and advise to fill in dance application forms.

There is never any charge for my time for these things.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the form.



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Full Name:-

Known As:-

Date of Birth(DD/MM/YYYY):-

Residential Address:-

Academic School Attended:-

If you wish the child to receive emails from NHAD, please provide their email address (over 16's only):-

Please give details of any medical issues i.e. allergies conditions, recurring illnesses, medicines taken on a regular basis. (Please tell me about this even if you think I already know):-

Is there anything else that you think I should know, i.e. family circumstances or any source of anxiety etc.:-

PARENTS/GUARDIAN'S DETAILS (emergency contacts)

1ST CONTACT - this will be the primary contact and the email address used for communications from NHAD

Relationship to Student:-

Email Address:-

Home Telephone:-

Mobile Telephone:-

Work Telephone:-

2ND CONTACT - please only include the email address if you wish to receive duplicate email communications from NHAD which are sent to the 1st Contact.

Relationship to Student:-

Email Address:-

Home Telephone:-

Mobile Telephone:-

Work Telephone:-


Photographs and recordings may be taken of your child for use on the NHAD website, editorial work and marketing of NHAD both in print, online or through social media.

(please tick box to accept)

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise you of the NHAD 'agreement', by completing the above requested details you agree to the following:-


Fees are invoiced termly. The first instalment is due for payment on or before the first day of term in line with the following payment scheduled per student:-

• 1 class taken = paid in full
• 2 classes taken = paid in full or 2 equal monthly instalments.
• 3 or more classes taken = paid in full or 3 equal monthly instalments.

Students will not be able to take part in any classes if your payment has not been received in line with the above.

For students that are new to NHAD, the invoice will be due for payment on completion of the 2nd free trail lesson.
6 weeks’ notice or payment in lieu is required to withdraw from any class once 2 trial classes have been undertaken (as of your third class taken).

Any costumes uniform exams coaching etc. that is undertaken by a student must not be left unpaid once you have received the product or service.


Both student and parents/guardians will behave in an appropriate manner whilst in class and in all areas of the building. This also applies to NHAD events held outside of QMC.

Members of the school are also expected to behave appropriately towards teachers and each other. Anyone that does not conform to this rule will be asked to leave.


Inform me if your child would like to use the skills learnt at NHAD to audition for external professional shows, associate programmes, professional schools etc.

While I am always happy for you to take photographs of your children during open week classes or events, please be respectful to the teachers or event organisers and ensure their work is not interrupted or delayed in any way.


Teaching dance is a physical activity and appropriate physical contact between students and teachers in class is essential to training. Please be aware that the following principals are in place to fulfil NHAD's obligations to your child:-

Contact by the teachers is made with particular awareness of the needs of each individual, to assist the young dancer in correcting placement and developing technique. All teachers will treat any physical contact with due sensitivity and care.